Ted Simpson III
‘the Dreamer’
founder of
The Dreamer’s Guild

The Dreamers Guild was formed in 2015, largely as a result of necessity.   As a former career IT Project Manager forced into retirement, the owner, Ted Simpson III, had a desire to expand his skills in IT by learning Web Design, Videography and eCommerce in order to complement his retirement income and to provide more of a legacy for his kids and grandchildren.  

Known as Ted ‘the Dreamer’ on Social Media, largely because of his desire for a better world for his descendants, he created The Dreamers Guild to both create his own dream and then to assist others in achieving theirs by providing small business training and assisting others to embrace the power of the web and give themselves a better opportunity to have a meaningful internet presence.

The Dreamer’s Guild helps to build that presence and sustain it while teaching the owners how to fend for themselves in what some describe as a ‘technical jungle’.  By simplifying the process, walking them through it, and providing hands on training, it is Ted’s desire to make any who wish to learn, more internet savvy and proficient while competing in what is now a global economy.

“The days of working 30-40 years and retiring at one company is no longer realistic and with corporate desires to make the people resource more and more of a commodity, it is rapidly becoming a requirement that household incomes are enhanced by something other than volatile investments and insurance.  While I am not suggesting that these be abandoned as a real means of supplementing a hard day’s work, I am saying that in the future, it may not be enough.  I believe the time is now to start building that dream, that future, not when you retire and find out the truth!  You never know what obstacles you may need to negotiate in life’s journey so starting early to prepare for them is certainly a wise and prudent choice!”


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